These are some of the oriental plants we are growing.

It follows seasonal change of course, but some, like rocket and shungiku, and chinese cabbage type plants, are growing all year round.
Still, growth is much reduced in winter, so there just isn't so much salad to go round.
One possibility would be to install lights and heating, but firstly I like the seasonality, and secondly it would be a great expense, to recoup it, the way of producing the salads would have to change to more 'efficient' methods...and so on...

Is a great off - season salad vegetable. It also looks good as a garnish. But it can also be cooked like other oriental veg, in soup, steamed, or stir fried.

Is an edible chinese chrysanthemum plant. It can be used for flavouring, mixed with salads, tomatoes, or sprouts. Lightly cooked or stir fried, it is widely used in traditional japanese dishes.

Chinese Cabbage 'Bouquet'
Leaves and flowering shoots can be eaten raw or lightly cooked. In chinese cooking it's used on its own, or with meat, chicken, or prawns.

Young leaves can be used raw in salads. In cooking it can be used as spinach, best steamed, stir fried, or in meat and fish dishes.



Red Giant Mustard